Naomi Schmid Coaching

Are you living the life you want?

As a high achieving woman, you checked all the boxes you thought necessary to create the life you wanted.  However, YOU and your happiness have gotten lost in juggling all the things that come with being a professional, mother and spouse.  One call with me can start you on your way to finding yourself again in your busy life. 


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About Dr. Naomi Schmid

My Story

Several years ago, I realized that I was very unhappy and didn’t know why.  Having a busy podiatry practice, a growing family, and financial security, I thought I should be fulfilled but I was struggling to feel like I was enough.  I now work with accomplished women to connect them to their inner goddess so that they can have the amazing lives and businesses they deserve.  Through my own journey of self-discovery I learned that my craving for a more fulfilled life was not unusual and was possible to create. 

Work with me

When we work together…

We meet virtually 1:1 to identify to identify your pain points and together we design and implement a personalized plan that fits your needs.  Our coaching time is a confidential place for you to be heard, supported, and helped.


Real Clients

Naomi came into my life at just the right time. She helped me navigate multiple areas of my life – including relationships, work, and finances – that were causing me undue stress and anxiety. She approached these issues without judgment, providing insight and an alternative perspective that enabled me to work through each area of concern in a more rational, less emotionally charged way.

Berit S.

Dr. Schmid has been instrumental in helping me find clarity and navigating mental roadblocks.  Her personalized approach and effective strategies have significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a dedicated and impactful coaching experience.

Michele K.

Naomi helped me work through stressful situations that were affecting my relationship and home life. She empowered me and help develop my self awareness. Naomi gave me a new perspective on these stressful situations. I have been able to take the knowledge and tools I learned and developed through our coaching sessions to improve my personal and professional life.

Missy H.

Reach out. I'm here to help.

One of the most common regrets people tell me is: that they wish that they had put themselves first sooner.  When you are ready to stop feeling like an afterthought in your own life, schedule your complimentary discovery call with me.